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Powerpuff Girl Sweet Dress Up 4

Powerpuff Girl Sweet Dress Up 4


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Powerpuff Girl Sweet Dress Up 4 Description

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Powerpuff Girl Sweet Dress Up 4 Knees higher! Are you dancing or running? Martina, watch your shoulders! Watch your arms, Anna! Anna, you were running bent forward, work those knees! Straighten your back when running. Coach, I feel sick. I hope your boyfriend plays it safe. What? I don’t want some ruptured rubber to screw it all up. Let’s do this once again. Coach, it’s Christmas tomorrow. There’s never anyone but us here. We said we’d train until tomorrow. Then you’ll have two days off. How else can you reach the time limit? In the line. Go! What is this? Are you alright? I’ve never seen this before. What is it? I feel really sick. What is this playacting about? In a month you’re going to the indoor races. Go back in the line. I can’t. Well fuck off then and go home. Come, Martina, let’s go. Once more. Anna? My God, what’s wrong with you? Anna, talk to me. I feel so sick. Mrs Moravcova! Good evening. Good evening. Your daughter is totally exhausted. She said she’s a toplevel athlete, looked after by a sports doctor. But I don’t get it. I had her liver tested. She was all yellow. The results came out strange. Could it be because of the Stromba? She is on Stromba? Why didn’t you tell me? I’m not supposed to talk about it. You know what? We’ll keep you here overnight, then you’ll see your doctor. Nurse! This is not in my authority. I have nothing to do with it. Why is that? Ask your daughter’s doctor. I wish you good night. Good night, Anna. Excuse me, could her collapse have something to do with Stromba? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Now please go, there are many ill people waiting for me. Goodbye. Goodbye. Tomas, I’m in the hospital. I was taken here by an ambulance. Could you ask your parents about the injections I’m getting? Yeah. It’s called Stromba. Good job, Martina. Faster ankles and keep bent lower. And work those arms. Bohdan? Hello. Hi. Do some stretching, I’ll be right back. Bye! Hi. Where is Anna? She got sick yesterday. I saw that. These things happen. I asked you not to come here anymore. We had to go to the hospital. I doubt that was necessary.

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