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Powerpuff Girl Cool Dress Up 4

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  • Powerpuff Girl Cool Dress Up 4

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    Powerpuff Girl Cool Dress Up 4 Description

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    SCHOOL BELL RINGING DOOR OPENS QUIETLY Frankie. BOTH CHUCKLING QUIETLY Ma, I’m home. ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS ON RECORD PLAYER Oh, you remember that girl Joanna I was telling you about? I asked her out today. Think we’re going to go to the Junior Prom. RECORD SCRATCHES, MUSIC STOPS Ma, is this my driver’s license? That’s all there is, two bedrooms. Oh, Frankie. You remember Dad’s friend? Jack Barnes? From the club. Hello. He came by looking for your father. I was giving him a tour of the apartment. It’s very, uh, uh, spacious, Paula. Dad’s at the store. So, Frank game you’re getting to look more like your old man every day. Thanks for the sandwich, Paula. I’ll see you later, eh? Wait. Is this yours? Oh. Well, thanks, Frank. Uh, that’s the President’s pin. I’d be in deep trouble if I lost that. NERVOUS CHUCKLE I’ll see you all later, eh? Are you hungry, Frankie? I’ll make you a sandwich. Jack wanted to talk business with your father. He thinks we should get a lawyer and sue the government. That is not legal, what they’re doing to us. Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re not going to tell him game are you? QUIETLY No. That’s right. There’s nothing to tell. I’m going out for a few hours to visit some old friends from the tennis club and game when I get home, we’ll all have dinner together. Right? But you won’t say anything because it’s game it’s just silly, isn’t it? How could we sue anybody? Oh game do you need some money, Frankie? A few dollars to buy some record albums? Here, take five dollars. Or-Or ten. You promised you were going to quit. SLAMS CHILDREN LAUGHING DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE Ma, I’m home! DOOR OPENS Hey, hey! You game You stay away from me, hear me? You stay away from me game I don’t know who you are but if you ever come back here again game Frankie! Frank, Frank, calm down, will you? I’m Dick Kesner. Now, I want you to leave your things here and follow me into the next room, okay? They’re all waiting for you. PAULA: You don’t have to be scared. I’m right here,

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