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Pose Like A princess

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    I got tracks already lined up, willing to pay us a grand just to show up. Really? Like who? Well, like McWhorter in Bakersfield for example. That old coot still owes me . Come on, we do three races, all right, and then we’re down the road to the next track, all the way to Dallas. I mean, in six weeks, we can make some serious dough. You already made a schedule? Yeah. You sure you’re not going to get bored of me beating you every time? Just look at the schedule, Don. All right. Hell Game Game let’s do it. But it’s Snake and Mongoose, not the other way around. Hoo! Keep dreaming, brother. No, of course Snake will be there. Well, yeah, I know him. He’s here with me. No, no, it’s the Mongoose and the Snake. That’s the idea. A mongoose Game it’s a little orange cartoon thingy that bites snakes. Right. Okay, ? Let me check with my partner. Hey, he says . ? ,. No, no. He’ll not take ,. It’s a small track, Don. You tell him , or nothing. It’s going to have to be ,. Really? Wow. That’s great. That’s good. All right, we’ll see you on the th, Jim. Thanks. Yep. Hey, they’re really excited about us. Told you. Do you ever miss it? The track? Mm. Sometimes. You know that feeling when you’re out there and it feels like you’re away from everything, no worries, no responsibilities? I miss that. It’s hard on the kids, Tommy on the road. He gets home so late, they rarely see him. Sometimes I just don’t think I can do it anymore. What do you mean? You and Tom are great together. When we’re together, maybe. But we’re never together. I got three kids and a house. What I don’t have is a husband. No, thanks. So, Judy, get someone to help you out with the kids. They’re going to be making enough money Game I need a partner. Someone to go to bed with and wake up with. Someone who’ll be home if I need him. I didn’t realize how tough things have been. Tom always seems so on top of everything. He’s just a big kid. He grew, but Game he never grew up. You watch your man, Lynn. Keep him out of trouble. Daddy’s home! Oh, there he is.

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