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Pose Like A princess Time

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    Tiny. Momentary specks within an indifferent universe. Yes. You see. You see what we’re doing. The world is not what it ought to be. Humanity longs for the eternal, for a world beyond time, because time is what enslaves us. Time is an insult. Death is an insult. Doctor, we don’t seek to rule this world. We seek to save it, to hand it over to Dormammu, who is the intent of all evolution, the why of all existence. The Sorcerer Supreme defends existence. What was it that brought you to Kamar-Taj, doctor? Was it enlightenment? Power? You came to be healed, as did we all. Kamar-Taj is a place that collects broken things. We all come with the promise of being healed, and instead The Ancient One gives us parlor tricks. The real magic she keeps for herself. You ever wonder how she managed to live this long? I Radio I saw the rituals in The Book of Cagliostro. So, you know. The ritual gives me the power to overthrow The Ancient One and tear her Sanctums down. To let the Dark Dimension in. Because what The Ancient

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