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Because I live in village Dress Up Games once or twice a year? Maybe must be on my birthday? You need a reason to look at cake. Truthfully even when it was my birthday I didn’t eat cakes well. But from TV I saw that kids in Popular Games eat cake even when it’s not their birthday. When I was little, when watching TV that was what I was most envious of, eventhough I wasn’t the slightest bit envious of anything else. White cream cake. You know how you really want to eat it? No, I mean that thing on top of the cake. Peach and tangerines and Dress Up Games you know how it looks so yummy? But why Dress Up Games that is, why does the tangerine on top look yummier than real tangerines? It drives me crazy. Oh really Dress Up Games, how is Seoul now that you’ve come? Do you like it? Ae~ like it. Truthfully I like it. I had a lot of places I wanted to see upon coming to Seoul. Where? World Cup Stadium? No, not there. I wanted to rise the ferries wheel Dress Up Games and go to Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House) and the East Gate, I wanted to go eyeshopping for clothes there. From the places you said there isn’t one place where I’ve gone to. Ae~ what have you been doing instead of going there? I wonder. From now on, let’s do them one by one together. Hey, why do I have to with you Dress Up Games ? Ah! I, what is it, want to go there too. Movie. I want to watch a movie too. Movie? You sure you’ve never watched a movie before? No, you think I haven’t even watched one? There’s that movie, that is, that Dress Up Games the place that shows a lot in one place. A multiplex. Yeah, bingo, multi. I want to watch it there. You want to go now? Right now? Yeah. Right now I Dress Up Games was probably on the way to watch a movie. Let’s watch quietly, eat reservedly. Ah, quietly, OK OK. I’m sorry. You had fun? That movie’s so moving~ What do you think, Director? I don’t know. It’s piece of rubbish which makes people feel sleepy. Oh sorry I just.. expressed my own opinion. That’s it. How to say? It’s just a transient moment of Hollywood’s huge capital. The thing called movie Dress Up Games is Dress Up Games all the parts Dress Up Games