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    Alright don’t worry When I was in television shows I see the actors in it and I thought it’s not easy to act on stage ’cause you need time and dedication it’s very hard son tell me why do you want to be a taxi driver? Well you’ve got success Don’t let looks go impressing you What excites you about acting? I like it, I think to myself “I can do that” I still want to have a go nothing for fame or fortune or anything like that or big Hollywood and bright lights it’s nothing like that, it’s just a side line so what drives you then through all these various ambitions? It’s a philosophy of not keeping still, I’m a very over active person I like to feel that I don’t want to keep still ’cause life don’t wait for nobody so you’ve got to cram it in as much as you can before your days are numbered I mean I may be a happy go lucky type of person which I am I’m eastender which the attitude is “hello mate, alright, how are you?” and I wouldn’t want to lose that How long are you going to be a cab driver? is this what you want to do this for the rest of your life? Well at the moment I’m very happy driving a cab my wife and I always considered owning our own pub so obviously I think within two or three years once I get finally financially straightened out I’m going to have a go at being a publican and if I don’t like it, if I give it a go for a year or six months if I don’t like being a publican I’m in a good position to sell the pub and go back to taxi driving I don’t want to change because if I change it proves the other Tony Walker was all fake Fifty Dress Up Games five to twenty Boris What are the best times for you? Well two really the best time was when the first baby was born the next one obviously was Charity but my greatest fulfillment in life when I rode at Kempton in the same race as Lester Piggot I was a naive, wet behind the ears apprentice and the boss told me “you’ve got to ride son, ride it” “you’ve got to lose x Dress Up Games amount of weight” which I did eight pounds in four days and I go in and they’re all there

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