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Pop Diva Style

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  • Pop Diva Style

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    PLAYED : 1931

    Pop Diva Style Description

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    Garner sellin’ loosies. Let’s get truthy! Cops and gangs. Black and brown folks stuck in the middle. Shit’s on fire y’all, I can hear Nero’s fiddle. Can’t trust the po-lease. Afraid of the gangs. This whole muthain’ thing is insane! What happened to the officer on the beat, and this banger sure ain’t mama and them lil’ treat. First, I want to thank you all for showing up. We all know that enough is enough and too much stinks, so we need to come together in agreement. About this oath. What oath? Swearing off the One-Eyed monster. What? Miss Helen, as an attorney, I know the trip. I convict our youngsters to this new slave ship. If I do take the oath, how will it sink that bloody boat? Althea, it won’t work! You just like having your man by the “Jackie Robinson.” Right. And that’s why sugar pie man don’t stray. I keeps that bone dry, and also keeps myself lookin’ fly. So that’s why you wear them too tight numbers, fish nets. Daisy Dukes. Big old rippled up ass hangin’ out the shoot? Y’all wanna laugh? It’s funny? Broke ass Destiny’s Child over here, you wanna laugh! Don’t talk about my big ass. We all got some bumps and bruises and cigarette burns on asses. Speak for yourself. What about you and your man? Old Duke wanna hit that big butt? You ain’t gonna give it up? Old Duke and me is separated! Girl, please. You still wanna hit that. Even if I did, which I don’t. I will not violate the oath. Now, sisters this isn’t a joke. We all have a stake in this fray, you know mine, so forget about your personal needs. I be damned if another child bleeds. Dr. Aesop has the floor. A woman wise beyond her years. Maybe she can help us dry this river of tears. As a pediatrician, for years I was dedicated to preserving life. God, nature, the higher powers, put more nerves into a man’s thing than he ever did in his brain. Thus, the women, must “Save The Babies.” Save the babies! It’s time to get that gate of motherhood locked up! Lock it up. Hold up! Hold the up! If I lose my man, Imma cut all of y’all! it. Lock it up. Knights of Euphrates.

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