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    I can say something, the person is happy and I help him.” Ah! That’s great! No need to be paid because people are thankful for your help! That’s it! There’s something like that. Makes you feel you exist, or what. Means for a long time, I didn’t feel I existed at all. I said to myself, what am I doing on earth? It’s a… normal thing. That led by the way to a kind of frenzied, blind militancy, joined the Communist party at . Especially since there were always those people who make me think of the Max character, who always had irrefutable reasoning about the goal, the means, the twisted, the Trotskyites, the corrupt… that disgusting talk after which you can’t even open your mouth, right! On one side, the filthy, on the other, the stupid. And that has frightened me. I had big trouble to get away from that, because there were so many nice persons, simple persons, workers. People who put in all their heart. You got the impression you had to pluck yourself out of the Party. I suffered a lot, of that. Ever since, I’ve remained on the left, but I understood the limits of engagement. The engagement of the masses, as they say. Before The Things of Life, he passed a long time without doing anything. Almost years. I wrote pages, based on the book by Paul Guimard. I call Claude and told him: “I know you don’t want to film any more, “but since you know everybody and me nobody, “tell me to whom can I turn.” Because the script had been refused by… well, the script, my pages, by directors well known and whom I admired profoundly, and who had turned me down. He went out one evening, I didn’t want him to go out, but he went all the same, and Jean-Loup Dabadie had slipped that under the door, the subject of The Things of Life. And Claude came back, it was AM, I told him: “I have a script for you”. I threw it at him, he set himself on the couch. And next morning, waking up, without even telling me a thing, he called Jean-Louis Livi, and told him: “You know, Jean-Loup sent me a script, I’m going to film it.

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