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Pink Flower Frenzy

Pink Flower Frenzy


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Pink Flower Frenzy Description

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from there to the rest of the world. At the end of the day, this was and still is the largest mining area in the world. That’s where Sebastião grew. He was the only child among seven sisters. What a life! Every summer, He played on the banks of the Rio Doce, the “sweet river”. That’s where we are. So here we are, our small crew. Sebastian, ¿te ahí falls? I learned one thing. Having a photographer in front of my camera It is very different from shooting anyone else. Not standing still doing himself. No. For professional bias, react and respond using his weapon, his camera. Returns the shot. Wim, I have a very nice picture of you. I will not say it. I can imagine! In this case, it was not just me game fotografiándome Look at the picture. Two of us had on target. The other, my fellow director, was his eldest son, Julian. He had already accompanied his father with his camera on several trips, as Papua New Guinea, who have already seen. Or here, to a remote island north of the East Siberian Sea. I wish I could join them. Father and son Salgado invited me to continue this documentary with them, I guess to add an external view of your adventure. I did not hesitate for a second. What more could you ask for? At last I could get to know this man, discover what motivated him and why his work had impressed me so much. I did not know I was going to discover much more than a photographer. Sebastião was when he took the train and went to the small town forever to attend school in the provincial capital of Vitoria. So young, at first did not know what to do with money in their pockets. I had never paid any money. On the farm, which produced all of them. So, at first, starved, dreading going to a store to order something to eat. Ignorant of what had become of Sebastião He had not appeared this girl in your life. Lelia. I was , I was studying music and incredibly beautiful. It was love at first sight. When Sebastião won a scholarship to study for a Master in Economics from the University of Sao Paulo they moved there and married.

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