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Pink Closet Dress up Fun

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  • Pink Closet Dress up Fun

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    Pink Closet Dress up Fun Description

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    I had chances, I guess. I just never went. Why? You were scared? No. Tell me what’s up. Why not? Isn’t it kind of, like, a kid thing though? Don’t little kids go to game Hell, no. You ever seen a grizzly bear? No. Them s is, like, seven feet tall, pounds. Like crazy vicious, but at the same time they’re like little kittens. Mad playful and just game They’re cool. You gotta see it. I would like that. So you saying I could take you? Are you asking me? Kind of. I think we could work something out. Right on time. What’s up, man? What up, boy? What’s good, yo? Chillin’, man. What up? What you been up to? Macking, man. Why you got this whole block smelling like sh game You crazy, man. I’m-a holla at you, boy. Where you at? Girlfriend right here, you know. Okay. Hubby life. I feel ya, I feel ya. Yo. What up? What’s good? You got that? Yeah. We good to go. All right. I took care of it. I got you, man. What’s good, yo? You got the goons out here, yo. Good luck, son. I’m-a holla at ya. How’s the food? It’s good. Even though I hate vegetables or whatever this green stuff is. So you saw Jasmin today? How was that? Yeah. Yeah? What, Mom? Did I teach you how to speak game so you can answer my question with one word? She’s nice, Ma. She’s nice. I’m not gonna be home tomorrow night. Where you going? I-I gotta go out. Out where? You got a date? Crap. And me find out. I’m gonna go play bingo. Bingo! In Titi’s house? It’s Friday. You told me to get out of the house and do something, so I’m going to play bingo in Titi’s house. Tell Titi I say hi. She was asking about you, so why don’t you go say hi yourself. I don’t wanna go over there. She annoys me. And she got those couches with the freaking game with the plastic on it. It be sticking to my skin. I hate game I hate her house. Are you giving me that look, like game You know exactly what I’m talking about. You know she put that plastic there so you can protect the furniture. Yeah. She protecting the furniture for the past, like, years. But she got it for years ’cause she put that plastic

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