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Pin Up Baby Doll Style Adventure

Pin Up Baby Doll Style Adventure


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Pin Up Baby Doll Style Adventure Description

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Hi, I’m James. I really like your clothes. Hey, man, everything good? Yeah. Just meeting some new people. Dude, yeah, I don’t even know who those guys are. I mean, they look like s. All right? Don’t worry about them. I told them I liked their clothes but Actually, I think maybe I think maybe I like my clothes a bit more. Hey, you’re You’re Aubrey’s brother. Right? And you were You were stuck in the same house for, like, your whole life? I went on the roof sometimes. CHUCKLES That’s a good call, dude. Well, cheers. To Hey, this is your first party, right? Dude. Sick! Dude, let’s turn up, bro, cheers. Yeah. Turn up. Let’s turn up. Turn up! But this is before the collapse of the third federation when everything changes and Brigsby becomes an outlaw. But he’s still a good guy, even though now he’s got to Now he’s gotta work with the Stardust Bandits. So, sorry, what are we talking about here? Like a trained bear? Brigsby? Yeah. Yeah. He’s trained in space combat, puzzle solving, quest. And I guess he also happens to be the best version of yourself via series of life instructional lessons. Plus he’s got rainbow eyes too. How do the rainbow eyes work? It’s I don’t know. If you ever need a rainbow, you get a rainbow. That’s insane. I love it. Yeah, it’s insane. I love it, yeah. So, does it fix people? Yeah. It provides an energy and positivity that will make anything come to life, I guess. That’s amazing. How many episodes? It’s volumes, episodes total. If you ever want to see it, I’ve got it on tape, too. Dude, please. That’d be dope as shit. Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty dope as shit. Hey, James, do you want one of these? Yeah. Also did I say that there’s going to be a movie? What? Yeah, I’m making it. I’m making a Brigsby movie. Nice, man. That’s awesome! Dude, can I be in it? Yeah, well, we’ll see. You guys are in it. We’ll see about you. I’m just kidding. Yes, I want you in it. CLUB MUSIC PLAYING MUSIC FADING Are you okay? Let’s go sit down. Sit here. All right. Careful. Here you go. Here, drink this. Don’t worry.

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