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Picnic time

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  • Picnic time

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    Neversaydie Victor. I think we’re quits. You think wrong. Marie Malinvaud, Katryn’s blonde roommate Game She talks too much. No, I won’t do it. You will. Now, I tell you what to do. He refuses a doctor. Come in, he’s through there. Wake up. Can you hear me? Wake up! Come on! I needed to drink my arse off. Aren’t you too old for that? We must be the most romantic couple in Paris. If I went a long way from Paris, would you come with me? Wouldn’t we be bored to death? Come on Game Dry yourself off. The President will see you now. Good evening, Victor. Take a seat. Good evening, Paul. Sorry, but I don’t have much time. I understand. We call it off’? Protect yourself now. Protect what? My honour. anyway Game I have work to do. Seven. You cleared up? I got everything. I’m gone. For good. You should do the same. I came through worse situations. Mado gets one, too, I guess? I’ve known you both too long. You’re open books. Two pieces of news. Good and bad. Which do you want first? The good. We’ve located Fernandez. He’s meeting Made tonight. The bad news? He lost us for hours. We’ve no idea what he was up to. I’m on my way. Let’s go! Drop your gun! Across the street! Keep still. Don’t move your hands. Freeze! Police! Stop! Asshole! Out the way! You idiot! Katryn was an accident. Flandin suicide. Nothing to do with you. Like Bonfils’s murder and Chardon’s disappearance. Just explain one thing to me. Mado Game You thought her death would end it? If I release you, you’re a dead man. That’s why I’ll be flying out under your protection. Pardon me? I have a list of the beneficiaries of arms sales. Names, amounts, account numbers. It’ll bring down the government. And Bornand with it? What do you want? We need his confession to Bonfils’s murder. We have enough on Bornand. Fernandez’s word is worthless. Bornand has protection. But he’s on the list. You want to see this through? Take Fernandez and go get the list. Then what do I do? Buy him a toothbrush and wave goodbye? The guy’s a murderer. It won’t be like that.

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