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Photographer girl

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  • Photographer girl

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    Oh, really? Get outta here with your bullshit. Hey, Kayla. Hi, Beth. Millie told me about this, and I think it’s great you ladies will be taking on the Armadillos. You do? Oh. Uh-huh. I was always too delicate for sports myself. Mmm. I wanted to ask how you’re gonna be handlin’ the concession proceeds. I assume the church will be splittin’ ’em with the band, like with all the games. You know, as church secretary, I just want to make sure we’re singin’ from the same hymnal. Sorry, Kayla. All the proceeds are goin’ to the mobile unit. I have to find my husband. No problem. I have a package. Honey. Hello, Laurence! Afternoon, ladies. Honey, I hung up two posters, but I thought it’d be okay Game since I am sleeping with the postmaster. Uh Game Well, since it’s for a good cause, all right. There is more than one good cause Game that could benefit here. I would love to stay and shoot the bull, but then I’d be a widow. I wanna finish hanging the posters in town so I can get to practice. Later, y’all. See you at home. Toodle-oo! What can I do for you? Hello? Hello? You know, I’m no longer licensed by the state of Texas. I’m not here about a pet. You want me to coach basketball? I think you’d be perfect for our team. And why exactly did you choose me? My acumen for slam-dunkin’? You love basketball. I’ve seen you at lots of the games. And like I said, this is for Tess. She said you were amazing when she had to put Reba down. Yeah? Well, did she also tell you why I lost my license? If it’s any consolation, I think you were brave Game to kidnap those dogs just to brush their teeth. Well, aren’t I a lucky little bastard? I must be the only one in town who likes basketball and got along with Tess. I chose you because you’re a little person and a felon. And lots of people are scared of you for one of those reasons. And I chose you ’cause Tess said you were compassionate. And I chose you ’cause I didn’t think anybody else would do it. I accept your little coaching job.

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