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Photographer girl Time

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    She was just so jealous of me Of you and me. At times, we don’t wanna see the signs of illness in the people we love. I realize now just what you were trying to do for me. I understand now the way things work in the real world. I didn’t get that before but I get that now. I’m just here to help. I know. Just like you helped my mother. She told you? I saw something in your mother. I knew it from the moment we met. She had something. Everyone was drawn to her. She had the light. And you were such good friends. We were. We were, indeed. And you did so much to help her to get her where she is today. I’m sorry you drifted apart. It was inevitable But I’m happy for your mother and I’m happy I could help her in some small way. You have the gift, Bridgette. I saw it in you the very same way as I saw it in your mother. Everyone is born with a purpose. I recognized at a very early age that I don’t have that light. That spark that you and your mother have. But what I do have is the ability to recognize those lights in others.

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