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Photo-model Justin Bieber

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  • Photo-model Justin Bieber

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    PLAYED : 2009

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    I mean, this is groovy, right? Okay, man. Hell, you’re the talker. Talk to ’em. I already did. How the hell did you manage that? My stepfather. Joe? Joe doesn’t even like you, man. Yeah, well, they want to see me again, with you, the Mongoose and Snake. That’s what this is. You want Snake to come in and close the deal for you? Okay. That’s just fine, buddy. Let’s do that. Set it up. I already did. I’ll pick you up at : tomorrow morning. All right, man. And, Don, wear something sharp. Still can’t believe you’re wearing that. Shh. Man, I’m cool. Sometimes you got to show a little class, Don. Yeah, you’re all class, Tom. Yes? Can I help you? Yeah, we’re here to see Art Spear. You must be Mr. McEwen and Mr. “Produm.” Prudhomme. Mr. Spear is ready for you. Follow me, gentlemen. Laugh it up. Thanks, Betty. Thank you. Nice to see you again, Tom. Hey, Art. Hi. So you must be the Snake part of the equation. Is that right? Don Prudhomme. The Mongoose and Snake Game that’s what the fans call us. Right. Sit down. Tell me again, Tom. How can we all work together? Hot Wheels. Now, you hype them as the fastest cars on Earth. Yes, and we’re actually doing very well with them. Ah, Larry. Gentlemen, this is Larry Wood, our Hot Wheels design guy. Larry, this is Game Mongoose and Snake. Hey, hey. You know these guys? Oh, sure. Sure. See, what if you could combine the fastest toy cars on Earth with the fastest real cars on Earth? And you can do this? Mr. Spear, we are this. Take a look here. Brought some photos here for you. Now, see here. These are the animals. These are our logos here. Right. This is me here and Don, okay? Larry, are these guys for real? Snake’s won the U.S. Nationals twice. Yeah. That’s the Super Bowl of drag racing. Uhhuh. Yeah. Oh, for the past four years, Don and I have been the hottest ticket in what is the fastestgrowing sport in America. Without even trying, we pack the stands every weekend, either together or separately. What you have in your office right here is the biggest draw in racing.

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