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Phone Photo Cute

Phone Photo Cute


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Phone Photo Cute Description

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Phone Photo Cute to notice that I had a new bump at this location. It was not hard to diagnose. When it started swelling, I knew that it was cancer. It’s really painful in here and up through here. My dad said, “Well, even down by in the fourth quarter, it’s still possible.” I said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, it’s still possible. I’m just saying that it doesn’t look likely. That can happen, it has happened. But usually, if the game’s going that way, that team is going to fail to achieve victory.” It’s helpful for me to know that my home funeral and natural burial is being used for a purpose game to further educate people. Yeah. ‘Cause without this game without this game dying from lymphoma feels so empty and meaningless and pointless. It’s just another of countless cancer deaths, of the increasing number of cancer deaths in our country and in the world. Hello? Are you ready to join us, Louie? Okay, good. Amen. And game I’ll close for us, but you both can add more if you wish afterwards, too. Heavenly Father, I thank You, God, for the life that You’ve given me. This experience is moving me to open my heart, even more than I ever had before, motivating me to seek You and find You and understand You, more than I ever had before. And to see myself more honestly. I pray for Jane, that she would receive strength and hope, encouragement, and comfort. That she would know not just of Your love, but of my love for her, that she would accept the sincerity of my apologies for my own conduct that was mean to her, insensitive, uncaring, selfish. And I thank You, God, for Thy presence as I go through this, this struggling process. All right, any recent nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea? No. No? Any shortness of breath, night sweats? Doing good? Doing good. Excellent. What could be better? All right. She will be right in. I can talk like this to Dr. Beaven. I dare you! I think lymphoma start to affect my thinking. No talk same! She would freak. Get him a brain scan, like, stat. He’s turned into an old Chinese man game from a brain met.

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