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Phone Photo Adventure

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  • Phone Photo Adventure

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    Phone Photo Adventure Description

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    I was late to meet you. But, actually, the reason that I had to buy another copy was because I left my copy for this woman on the train and she so needed to read it. She was a very unhappy soul. You know, one of those sort of “lost hope”, “clock ticking” kind of women. Anyway, shall we do the lists? Yes, the lists, the lists. I can’t wait to see what your favourite food is. Ready? I am so sorry about this. What are you talking about? This is amazing. If I hadn’t left her that book game It’s like the most epic love story ever. And it means that I was right and she was wrong. Taxi! Where to? Shit, I have no idea. Just call her. I don’t have her number. I have your number. What’s her name? Nancy. Nancy Patterson. Look her up on Facebook. She’s not on Facebook. Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone’s connected. You’ll have some mutual friends or something. You bloody genius. Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, please. Good luck with the triathleting. Thank you, Jessica! Sean game Is that my scarf? Where’s Nancy? I have to find her and I think she’s at her parents’. Do you know where they live? I know the exact Google map coordinates. Holy game You know what, Sean? I’d be quite happy to take the train. What’s your plan? What’s my plan? To win her heart. This isn’t a power ballad. Well, it should be. Grand romantic gestures. That’s what it’s all about. Declarations. Heart on the line. Life-changing kind of stuff. That’s what I was going for back there in the toilets. Actions, you know. More than words. Jesus! Taught myself to drive with just my left hand. Pretty useful, I can tell you. Are we here? Yep, we’re here. OK, OK, OK. Erm game Oh, what number is it? . Go, go, go! Bon chance, mon amigo. Whoo! Idiot, idiot, idiot game I should have just said game “Don’t go, come with me to the party.” I can’t hear her. Go easy, Nancy, it is a partition wall. Something about a party? This party? And I was gonna bring him here and everything. The man on the phone? The strange man you were on a date with? You should have. Didn’t go well?

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