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Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear 2015

Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear 2015


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Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear 2015 Description

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Pet Stars: Fluffy Polar Bear 2015 Hi Frank. Hello Bill. Which one of these houses do you live in? No, no. Mostly I sleep in the open. When it rains, I take my choice. They’re all my pals here. I can bunk with any one. They must be swell people. The best! You know it’s funny. When people got nothing, they act like human beings. We get along swell here. It’s like one, big happy family, I can’t pay if you if I ain’t got it. Yeah, well I’ll find some way to collect. Yeah, what’ll you do? Sue me? I don’t let nobody cheat me out of what they owe me. I didn’t say I wouldn’t pay.. You had the money a dozen times but you ain’t got no intention of paying. You crummy heel! Go on, you cheap moocha, before I slap you down. Bragg, what’s the matter? I can’t pay her what I ain’t got, can I. It just so happens I got paid off tonight. There you are Floss. Come on, scram. Now you owe it to me Bragg. They’re just kidding. Down in the house, they’re crazy about one another. I was going to ask Flossy to put you up for the night, but maybe that’s no good. If she spends that dough for gin, she might not be much of a roommate. I could sleep in the open, I guess. No, no. That takes practice. I got it. I got an idea. Follow me. What’s the good word Ira? And seeing the multitudes, he went up into the mountains. And his disciples came unto him, and he taught them, saying.. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom Of Heaven. That’s the good word. Looks like that bible I swiped out of a hotel last week. The good word is free. I only wish I could get you to read it William. I did. I skimmed through it one night. Kinda repetitious in spots, but there’s some good reading in it. Ira, I want you to meet “Trina”. Ira here used to be a minister. Now he’s a night watchman. How do you do? Nicely thank you. Yeah, nicely, except she ain’t got a place to sleep. I thought maybe that after you checked out, she could park here for the night. You’re welcome. What time do you go to work? Eleventhirty. Alright, you check in about twelve. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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