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Perfect Sweet Girl

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  • Perfect Sweet Girl

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    The journalists have nothing to go on. What’s the President think? The hostages’ release wins the election. That’s what he thinks. The rest is irrelevant. The consignment’s ready. And your Russian? The transport’s organised. I’m just waiting on the bank. You’ll be paid on time, as usual. It’s the last time. I’ll never take so many risks. Never. I’m done with your lowlife scams. The risks are shared equally. You’re just doing business. And making a big profit in the process. My name’s Marie. You’re a translator? Yes. Just like Katryn. For businessmen. Don’t you get cold in stockings flicking through dictionaries? FrenchEnglish, FrenchSaudi Game What do your parents do? Dad’s a postman, Mum works at the DDay Memorial. Ever been? Silly me. Every school kid in Caen goes there. What will they say when they find out you’re a hooker? Who do you both work for? Who? It’s to pay for college. Who? Made. She’s Game We know who Mado is. Tell us about Katryn. You knew her well? She was like my big sister. She did it to pay for college, too? No. She worked scams with a guy Game Pascal Chardon. Blackmailing Mado’s clients. You didn’t even whack her with an iron bar! I didn’t have one to hand. How’s the parking garage case going? Better than your chances of a drink. Who’s Mado? She runs a PR firm, that’s all. She bills companies for parties and event management. Businessmen, showbiz, politicians Game The full package. Apartment, Game , drugs Game We bring her in. No, we start with Chardon. Find his address. You’re sure Game What’s that? Chardon’s address. My lawyers advise me to diversify. Would you help me? We’d have to see. But for a license to operate, you’re talking to the right person. From hookers to croupiers is a step up, isn’t it? You’re on the right track. Michel Fernandez. Do you know him? Come on, let’s go. Look, it’s open. Mr Chardon? It’s breaking and entering. Let’s take a look round. No, we’ll come back to question him with a warrant. Just a quick look. Ever hear of procedure?

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