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Perfect Sweet Girl Time

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  • Perfect Sweet Girl Time

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    to crime syndicates and countries at war. He’s a merchant of death Games using mercenaries and B.O.W.s to do his dirty work. And now Games the dead are rising again. And you’re sure Arias is behind it? Yes. After I found out that your research was the most advanced in the world Games You hopped on a chopper and came to see me. Yes. And after I saw how trashed your lab was Games it looks like the bad guys knew about your research too. Oh Games I reported our initial findings to the WHO. And then they sent it to facilities all over the world Games that specialize in vaccines. The leak could’ve come from any of those places. Exactly. Arias wanted to disrupt your research. And now that he’s got your data, he’s even more dangerous. I compared the new virus’s DNA to all the bioweapons we have on file. The sequence is extremely close to the parasitic weapons Games used by the Los Iluminados cult. You think Arias might be one of them? Based on information I have now, I’m not sure. Looks like we should go talk to a real expert. Real expert? I can’t believe you can read a book at a time like this. Huh? I guess it’s one way to pass the time. Well, someone once said, “Knowledge is power.” Francis Bacon. It only takes one bullet to bring your enemy down. But with knowledge, you can defeat all evil. Hey, is it true what they say? You switched from special ops to science geek? Mm-hm. Man, the BSAA’s chock-full of people with weird résumés. Bet you were pretty brainy to start with. So why’d you switch? That’s a story. I used to be a medic in the S.T.A.R.S. Unit in Raccoon City. I guess, in a way, I’ve always been interested in medical science. Then one day, I decided to make it my duty to stop people from abusing it. I thought, “Here are these corporations, run by scum, preying on the weak.” They’re like a disease on humanity. I want to find a cure, same as Chris. The difference is, he uses his brawn while I use my brain. So brains and brawns working together to save humanity. What do you think your chances are? What’s that supposed

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