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Perfect Stylin

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  • Perfect Stylin

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    Perfect Stylin Free at last game The monkey is in the cage game Come in and you shall see The monkey is no longer free You have to go see the farmers game We told you! We’ve done collections. What more do you want? Money. What about your posters? I thought you were going to stick them up. I spent all night doing it! What do you mean? Why didn’t you tell us? We got bollocked. You didn’t even tell us you’d stuck them up. Just go look! Calm down! I’m bound to be annoyed. It’s always the same. Come on. Don’t shout game Don’t get worked up. Go to the factories by the school. The guys from my factory haven’t seen them. Where did you put them? The guys didn’t see them. They must have been on the wrong side of the road! I’ll give you these potatoes. Instead of chucking them out, you might as well have them. We’ll come back. All the girls thank you. Yes. I can supply milk. How much is it per liter? Seeing as you’re on strike, I’ll sell it you for the price the dairy pays me. In other words, . centimes. That’s nothing! We have to pay . franc per liter. What a difference! There’s a big difference between the consumer and the producer. We’ve got all the little ones. You can eat them too. Well! When you have them, you’ll see. Don’t forget to remove the eyes. What’s all this? Have you all gone mad? This is an office, not a nursery. You could have put your kids somewhere else. You might have asked my permission. It isn’t on. Don’t tell us what to do. Who is she after now? She’s making me giddy. I’m going to cut my spuds into squares. What are we having tonight? Chips or mash? No. We’re having pasta. Pasta with potatoes? That sounds tasty! I’ve been thinking. I’m going to negotiate with Boursac. That’s all you can say! Look where it got us. Don’t try to hit us! We’re waiting for you. Hello, Mr. Henri? This is Boursac. Yes, of course. Tonight. You’ll get the envelope tomorrow. But don’t come to my place. You don’t smoke? How lucky you are It means life is cushy for you Tobacco is the balm of suffering Smoking lightens the load There’s alcohol

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