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Perfect Spa Day

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  • Perfect Spa Day

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    Perfect Spa Day can be located underneath the aerial vessel game or sleigh’s dashboard. I think we found it! Good job, sis! This list features all those who are naughty and nice from around the world. The glowing name indicates who’s next in line for content delivery. Just say the name on the list, and the rangifer tarandus and aerial vessel will allow you to fly off to your next destination. But, remember, you must stay on schedule. All content, presents, must be delivered by sunrise. Sunrise? That’s like in six hours! If the younger humans do not receive presents on Christmas, there will be riots in the street, and everyone at the North Pole will be out of a job, including me, so good luck, and please refer to the H.O.L.I.D.A.Y guide anytime if you are in need of assistance. Now what? Now let’s gt this show on the road. We’ll have to hurry! This is to keep our home, guys! Carrie Bailey up next! Awesome! Carrie Bailey! Let’s go! Whoa! Where are the seat belts? Whoa! This is amazing! Oh, my God. Oh, he’s leaving! game! Whoa! Help! No. Oh, God! No, don’t leave! Please. Oh, Lord. Oh, come on! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Whoa! Slow down! How do you fly this thing? He’s going around the other way! Whoa! We’re gonna die! game! Kittens? Whoa! Where are the brakes. Come on, come on, come on. Come on. No, no, no, no, no, no. game! Bye Tommy! Hey, man, did I ever tell you guys about that time that I took the sleigh out by myself? Man, I was in so much trouble when I got back to the North Pole, but it was sweet! Great. There went my one chance to meet game. That’s not game. Those are my kittens. Well, if those are your kittens, then where’s game? Hmm. All right. Let’s get you inside. Hey! ♪ Da da da Wake up! game, why are you so fat? Whew. Whee! Whoohoo! Getting down the chimney. All you have to do is touch the bag, and it will do the rest. Whoa! Oh, great! How are we supposed to get the presents up in the stockings? I’m not sure. I got it. Catapult ready. Fire! Great job! Threepointer. Heh heh. Yes! All this

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