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Perfect Spa Day Adventure

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  • Perfect Spa Day Adventure

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    Perfect Spa Day Adventure Description

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    Goodbye, Katie. Marvelous seeing you. Goodbye. Goodbye, Miss Bridges. Goodbye, Mr. Chips. What an idiotic bore. Bill, you were asking me something important. You were asking me whether I seriously believed something. They tell me they make a delicious oyster stew here. By the way. how do you know she’s not here? She? The gill tonight’s evening news said you’re going to many. Oh, yes, I saw that. Me and Penelope Fitzdouglas. Huh. Wasn’t it ridiculous? Sidesplitting. I’ll have the same as last Tuesday. Yeah, so will I. The same wine? The same wine. Hey. Hey. Hey, mister. Hey, mister, please. Please. Ill game I’ll be your guide to Pompeii, okay? Okay, on your right, is the Greek forum game game which was partially destroyed in the earthquake of AD . Behind you is the statue of Clio. one of the Muses. She had game No. That is Terpsichore game game the Muse of choral dance and song. and the earthquake was in AD . Okay, mister, you know best. Actually, dear fellow, I think I do. Hello, can you hear me up there? Yes, of course I can. The acoustics here are famous. Can you hear me? Yes, but you’re shouting. I’m not shouting. Sound travels upwards better than downwards. Could you hear that? Yes. What are you eating? An egg sandwich. When was the earthquake that destroyed all this? It wasn’t an earthquake. It was an eruption of Vesuvius game game behind me. and it happened in the year AD game game toward the end of the ides of June. Ha. I thought only March had ides. All Roman months had ides. Calends too. Ale you a guide? Do I look like a guide? I don’t know. I haven’t got my field glasses with me. What are you? A schoolmaster. Ah, that’s cheating. What are you? A tourist. An ignorant one, as you implied, who doesn’t know her ide from her calend. There is no singular to either word. Oh, you can’t win, can you? You eating another sandwich? Yes. You wouldn’t have anything left, would you? One egg sandwich and some cheese. I’m coming up. I’m starving. How do you do? My name is Chipping. Mine is Bridges. Golly.

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