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Perfect Hannah Montana dress up time

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  • Perfect Hannah Montana dress up time

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    I would probably go with you. Thank you. CHEERING OK. Boys, are you ready? Ricky, it’s time for you to make your decision. CROWD SHOUTS Ricky, who is the winner of this battle? The person I’m taking through game is Jolan. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Congratulations, Jolan, everyone! OK, Efe, you’re no longer on Team Ricky, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Tell us why you’d love to stay in the competition. It’s been such an amazing experience. I came to this show because I wanted to show my children that if they had a gift that they should come and share it with the world and if they really want it, they have to go and grab it. I would love the opportunity to continue to push forward in this process. Thanks, Efe. Well, it might not be over yet, because you’re now available for a steal. Are you going to turn? Will? Are you going to game ? GROANING I’m so sorry. So sorry. No steal this evening for you, but have you enjoyed it? It’s been awesome. Thank you very much, Ricky, it’s been awesome. Thank you. Nothing to worry about. Thank you. Please put your hands together one more time for Efe. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Jolan was just so game It was just easy, it was breezy. I just have a connection with Jolan. He makes so much sense on my team, I couldn’t lose him. The main thing I need to do it is for my mum, she’s game She’s always been there. She’d be proud. You could be kicking yourself come tomorrow afternoon. PALOMA: We could be, but we can’t do anything about it now. I was hoping you’d get rid of Jolan so I could steal him. GEORGE LAUGHS So he’s never going to be up for grabs again, that’s it, right? It’s a one-chance saloon. Mm-hm. Will. Hey, what’s up? Good to see you. CHEERING Hello. Hello, how are you, Will? How are you? You’re looking good. Thank you. But it’s awful when you think they’re such a wonderful person. It doesn’t end here. RICKY: Also, I don’t mind looking like a wally for not choosing him. I haven’t heard that word for years, Ricky. I got called Wally of the Week once in the Sunday Mirror.

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