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Perfect Hair Salon

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    I was doing a stylization. You could say that Claude’s only stylized film is “Max”. There, he took this… Germanic part. The setting makes that you are… You’re living through… sadness, a nightmare, an anxiety and you have… you put a color to the general setting: shades of grey, of green, of dark grey, of light grey, and so on, so that colors which could distract you won’t interfere. What’s difficult, is to define this form of stylization which really attracted me and gave me enormous liberty. That liberty made sure I’ve always loved the film, Ever since I got close to a kind of realism, I start to feel uneasy when I see those films again. This one, never. When you get close to a certain… a certain realist appearance, you’re saying “Wait, here… “I’m wrong, I’ve been had. What’s true, and what’s false?” Here, in “Max”, I don’t get into that problem. What’s that guy doing here? The fact is that… Max’s dress, it’s the hat! That’s already a theatrical stylization, let’s say. Even the fact that he tries to create an image for himself. And the fact that Lily is a prostitute and dresses as a whore, as they say. Those are already representations. That means, they give representations of themselves. How much do you want? As much as possible! – How much is that? – There’s no limit! A million, if you like. The minimum is . Thanks. No, no need. Of what? To undress, no need. You don’t want to make love? There’s clearly a puritan game that I love to go into. Because I find that eroticism has a strong hold on puritanism, that’s what I think. The notion of desire has an even stronger hold on puritans. I won’t try to understand. The puritan is not aiming for the act. There’s nothing to understand. He takes delight in desire, that’s it, the puritan. Do you suddenly like me? Did you decide? I liked you from the start. Leave her alone, Rosinsky. “Max”, we didn’t know how to finish it and that’s how we got the idea to say: “And if Rosinsky absolutely wanted to arrest her!” That girl will pay!

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