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Perfect East Style

Perfect East Style


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Perfect East Style Description

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Perfect East Style That is worse than even what Hitler did. No matter what somebody has done, Is billions of years of torture, Fitting the crime? So there have been people who have hated god And have learned to hate god because of this. Another pagan concept that infiltrated Christian thinking Was regarding the afterlife. Purgatory is the idea that teaches that at death Some people will enter a temporary hellfire Where they’re purified for heaven. Purgatory’s a halfway house, Halfway, kind of, between heaven and hell. And the thing with purgatory is you can escape from it. As the mass says, “consigned to flames of woe,” It’s filled with vermin, it’s filled with sulphuric smells, It may be quite a bit better than hell, But it’s no picnic either. The church develops gradually And, again, it grows on the church by slow degrees, The idea that anyone who dies With their works of satisfaction incomplete Will probably have to pay them off In some place of postmortem suffering. They are suffering in order to be purified, Purged from their sins and offenses Which they’ve committed in life. Medieval people believed Almost everyone will be saved and redeemed, Who is a baptized member of the church. But almost everyone will also have to make satisfaction For the sins that they’ve committed And that they haven’t confessed By spending some time in purgatory. So the real task then Is to reduce the time in purgatory. Many people misunderstand purgatory and hell. There’s an idea you can get out of hell; You can’t. If you go to hell that’s it. There’s no release. You’re very, very wicked and you’re just doomed. But most people, We have a lot of bad things in us So how can we be made good for heaven? We have to have it purged out of us And thus you get the word ‘purgatory’. Therefore, most Christians believe That their relatives are suffering in purgatory And purgatory is not a nice place. You’re there for thousands of years. The idea of purgatory Dates back centuries before Jesus’ time. Writings from Plato, as early as BC, Help shed light on where this

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