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Perfect Cute Sea Fairy 4

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  • Perfect Cute Sea Fairy 4

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    then one of them shines, then game See how they perform when they’re under game I mean, these kind of performances, they’re so high-pressure. I mean, I couldn’t do that. Could you? I mean, it’s enough pressure as it is. No, I couldn’t do it. I picked Charley based on who I felt I could coach and improve. Right, Wilson, what have you got for us next? Hopefully the UK’s largest mass sock detachment you’re going to get your socks blown off. Amazing! Stand by, it’s Team Ricky. Alaric versus Chloe is going to be amazing. He’s a bouncer, she’s a busker. This is the thing that everyone is going to be talking about. Baby There’s something wretched about me game The blind auditions was an amazing experience for me, just so different from busking. I love busking, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not what I want for the rest of my life. The emotion, that’s what Chloe is all about. Wow, what a voice. Thank you so much. And your skirt is great as well. Thank you, it’s my nan’s. From the ‘s? Yeah, yeah. Awesome. She gave it to me when I was . She bought it when she was . Have you got some ID, please, mate? Alaric, what he’s got going for him is his great voice. Perfect. Flawless. I let you fly game I really like the voice. I turned around for it, and I know that people will like you. I put you together cos you’ve got the most heart out of any of the singers, which is what this song needs. Alaric and Chloe, the song Antony And The Johnsons, Hope There Is Someone. It’s a beautiful song, it’s very emotional. Oh, I’m scared game ‘This song is really deep lyrically. It cuts right to your core.’ ‘In rehearsal watching them, it definitely had an impact on me. ‘Chloe and Alaric are going to make people cry with this.’ It’s incredible. Well done, guys. It’s emotional. Yeah. I feel your emotion while you’re singing it. It’s stunning. Cheers, man. Thank you. This is my battle. This is going to make George, Paloma and Will’s teams look stupid. Hope there’s someone Who’ll take care of me When I die, will I go? Hope there’s someone Who’ll set my heart free

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