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Perfect Autumn Colors

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  • Perfect Autumn Colors

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    Perfect Autumn Colors Description

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    Autumn Colors Sorry. What is wrong with you? Do you want, like, a hot shower or some Vicks? No, no, it’s the cats. I’m allergic to ’em. Um, can I game Sorry. I’ll be right back. Boy, is he a couple of bricks short. Kittens! Kittens, you had me so worried. I took care of us, Mom, just like you said we should. Oh, kittens, I know what I said, but you are still my babies. Never think for a second that I will ever not worry about you, no matter how strong and selfsufficient you become. I’m your mother. I will always worry. I love you guys. We love you, too, Mom. Selfsufficient wha game Ah, too many big words for me. Ah, that’s nice. Thank goodness you guys are okay. But what about Christmas? Aren’t there still presents to be delivered? You’re right. Bramble’s the last house. Here, game. Oh, thank you, Tommy. But it’s empty. There aren’t any presents left. My magic’s gone. It’s completely gone. And if I can’t deliver this last present, it’ll be gone forever. We have to do something! Tommy’s right. Mmhmm. Christmas just can’t be canceled. I thought you hated Christmas. I don’t hate Christmas. I just game I didn’t believe in it, but someone gave me a reason to believe again. Thank you. Does that mean we can celebrate Christmas next year, too? Of course it does. Yes. But that won’t matter if we can’t deliver the presents this year. Couldn’t we give Mr. Bramble cookies or decorations or something? Hey. Listen. Whoa. Smooth landing. Whoa, another perfect , bro. High hoof! Cool! Here, game. I think this belongs to you. Yes, it does. Thank you, Mr. Bramble. Merry Christmas. Thanks. Is there anything I can do to help? Help us? I thought you hated us. Besides, you can’t give a present to yourself. You stopped talking to me. I wanted to reach out, but you never wanted to talk. I even started following your blog. How do you know about my blog? We’ve been neighbors since we were little kids. Ever since we stopped talking that one Christmas that we saw game and the other kids were making fun of us for it, I hated the fact that I lost my best friend.

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