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Party Adventure at Home

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  • Party Adventure  at Home

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    will make my heart Games I’m here now. Please Julieta, sit for a while. Not here! Come It’s not right for you to come with me. I feel there is something about this that makes you sick, and that you don’t want to go to where Ignacio is. Just tell me where he is, and I’ll go. In his lover’s house. I will go there alone. You must not go. You don’t understand Octavio. All this makes me sick, but for a long time I’ve been searching for a motif, to go once and for all to that house, and retrieve Ignacio. And now that I have such motif, I won’t leave it. Do you know her? No. She knows you? Yes. Ignacio told me, on the one day we spoke about this Games the day I found out he was cheating on me. That day he said to me that if he had another woman, it was for a reason I would not understand. That created a doubt within me, and I want to solve it. I want to know if Ignacio can still be the same, or if he’s tied to something Games I cannot provide him with. A son? A son that I lost because of this misery. A son Games I will never be able to have again Each word you’ve said has revealed me all these hidden things, and amongst them, Games I can see you are in love with Ignacio. No. You are very willing to retrieve him from that woman. Out of an impulse that has nothing to do with love. Maybe out of tenderness. We’ve walked along life like two blind persons holding on to each other. I want Ignacio to feel that he’s not completely alone. Now more than ever, Julieta, you know I could love you with a passion yet unknown, new for me. Stop, Octavio, I beg you. Let me say it Games No! I’m leaving. Wait for me here. I’m going out a minute, Memo. Alright. Mina . Games only your love is left. Hey, I tell you in secret Games What do you want!? To see Ignacio. Ignacio who? My husband. It’s very important. Yes man, those documents are now much more important than you and I. I tell you I don’t know what you’re talking about. Isn’t “Mina ” here? Yes. I couldn’t be mistaken. Mending one of Ignacio’s shirts I encountered a recepit on your name I thought

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