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Paris Hair Salon Time

Paris Hair Salon Time


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Paris Hair Salon Time Description

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Dianne? Yikes! Sometimes you really are disgusting. How so? Hey! I have something for you. Which hand? Right. Tadaa! Your own bow. Is that for me? Yes. Here. You can go and hunt now. Do you know the Roman goddess “Diana”? No. That’s the goddess of the hunt. Tomorrow I will make the arrow and show you how to shoot. I just want to have some peace. OK? I’ll always be with you, always. Promised. Get out! Good morning. Where is Kyle? Kyle doesn’t come anymore. He sends his greetings. Was probably not the right one for me. I don’t understand what you have against him. It’s just like that. The guy is a fraud. I can feel it. I have a very good instinct, As far as people are concerned. Why are you in such a bad mood today? I’m not. Ah, Then I probably must have mistaken myself. I got a bad rating on eBay, okay? Aha. There we have the wrongdoer. Who does he think he is? Such a horny ass. In addition, he collects stuff. Who? Your eBay customer? No, Nicholas. Listen to me. Phil, something’s wrong with him. Com, let’s go. My God … Such a horny ass. In addition, he collects stuff. Who? Your eBay customer? No, Nicholas. Listen to me. Phil, something’s wrong with him … Look closely, ladies and gentlemen, And then tell me what do you see? If you don’t recognize anything, It sometimes helps to step back a bit, To get a better view. Yes, Katia? Did you have a philosopher for breakfast? Thank you, Katja, for your productive contribution. And what do you see now? Distance creates clarity. The overall picture lets you see things more clearly and better understand connections. often you can see much clearer then. Hey Phil. Hi. Where were you today? Where … Where was I? Well, at Training. On the field, you were not there. Oh, there. I was just sitting there. Oh, okay. Well then. Pity actually. I missed you. Me? I missed you. missed you. And tomorrow? Tomorrow? Well, if you … If you’re just “sitting around there”, Then just wait there for me until after training. Um … okay. Okay. Kat, come quickly, I have something to tell you. Thomas just told me about an affair with you. With you! Isn’t that completely stupid? Even if, it’s none of your business Really, I’m so over him. Men are just shit. Hallo? Present company excepted. With you, at least I can always, always, always certain, That you belong to me. What did you want to tell me, Darling? I’ve forgotten. Okay. Mum? Oh, Phil. Everything okay? Yes. What do you want? It’s just that … I think I have a date tomorrow and can’t sleep. Okay, come, sit down. is everything okay? I’ll just give you some advice, ok? Then you let me sleep peacefully. Okay. What should I do? Do it all. But don’t ask him if he loves you. OK. Why not? If he says no, you’d wish you’d never asked. And if he says yes, then you don’t know, whether he only does it because he doesn’t want for an ugly scene. In both cases, you will be unhappy, so don’t do it. But he could say yes, and just mean so. Believe me, Phil, I know humans. Very funny, Mum. Great help. If you have more questions, Then ask them. But not now, okay? Night, night,

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