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Paris Hair Salon 2

Paris Hair Salon 2


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Paris Hair Salon 2 Description

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a Sévres statuette that survived revolutions and world wars without a scratch? I don’t even want to know how something of this son happened. Who is this woman? I’m sorry. I cannot come to London. I must go to Paris. I’ll write you. Florence de Bressigny, hello. I think you have a small Sévres of mine. A Sévres? A Sévres porcelain figurine. You do restore antiques, don’t you? Yes, but Game A Sévres porcelain figurine. My son said he gave it to you to repair. I don’t know your son. I don’t get it. He clearly told me he gave that valuable piece to an Englishman at this address. It must be you. This is news to me. I have no Sévres. No porcelain. This is really very tiresome. I suppose I must believe you. I’m heading back to Paris. Here’s my card. I am very attached to that piece. Good day, sir. I had pulled I! off. I admit that today I’d like to erase that horrific moment of pleasure. What are you doing here? Did you get lost? Come on, baby. Take it easy, Gus. How are you? Fine. Not a sign of you all week. It’s nothing. I needed time to myself. And you’re well? Do you have a minute? Of course. Stay here, Gus. You want some tea? Sure. You’ve started it? Madame Bovary. Barely. I found it in Rouen. Maybe because of the name. I wanted to see what it was about. You like it’? Nothing happens but at the same time Game it’s interesting. That’s exactly right. I received this. It’s a letter from Madame de Bressigny’s lawyer. She’s asking you to return a figurine Game I didn’t steal it. I know it’s here but I can’t find it. What can I do? If you could help me answer it, it would be good. My French isn’t good enough. I can try. “Dear Counsellor Game “In response to your letter Game “we are writing you today. “We do not understand Game “We do not understand Game “your’i “We do not understand Game “We do not understand your obstinacy Game “Our position “is the following Game What is it? This year is incredible! Unbelievable! Take this, little er! It’s the year of the field mouse! You killed it’? Of course. Wasn’t I supposed to? No Game yes,

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