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Ornate Girl

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  • Ornate Girl

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    Ornate Girl Description

    Best of luck. No don’t! Elliot! Elliot. Get back here! Elliot! Come on, open the door. Open the door. Jim? Jim? Where are you? Hey guys! Sara, wait up! Oh my god. She doesn’t even listen to me. Well she’s just excited. It’s this place, you know. Hey now, you’re way too nice to her. You have to, like, not be so nice to them. Not make me look like the bad person. What about him? Elliot, apologize to your father. What? Did you hear that? I don’t know what’s into him. He’s acting a little strange today. He’s just a little different, that’s all. Um, who were you talking to on the balcony? What? Yeah, who were you talking to? Nobody, I wasn’t talking to anybody. So, you’re lips were moving? What are you, a lip reader now? Yes I am. I was just talking to noGamesEmGamesIGames Games I wanna believe you. But it was a little weird. Tell me what’s going on. Honey, it was no one. Look, I wanna have one final decent last day here, okay? That’s all I ask, alright? Okay. Alright. It’s our last day. Games Let’s go guys. Games Get in honey. Nice. Look, the train’s about ready to come. Look, it’s gonna be coming down those tracks down there. Games Can you see it? Games Yeah! Please stand clear of the doors. Come on guys. Here we go. Everybody in. Let me sit over here in the corner. Okay guys. Elliot, sit down. Sit down, Elliot. Games Elliot, sit down! Games Sit down honey. Please sit down, Elliot. At Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Please hold on to the handrails and stand clear of the doors until the monorail stops completely and the doors open. Oh, the humidity, my gosh! Can we go on Buzz Lightyear? Ask your father. Can we Dad? We’ll see, honey. Depends how long the line is. Okay. Okay, we need to get a picture with the castle. The whole family. Picture of the castle. Let’s do it. That will work! Games Say Mickey! Games Mickey! Games And Minnie! Games Minnie! There you go! Oh, that’s beautiful, wow. That’s so cute. They do have everything. You wanna go on the, uh, thing? Are you scared, sweetie? I don’t like the witch. Nobody doesDress Up Game nobody does. Games She’s afraid.

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