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Order A Pizza

Order A Pizza


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Order A Pizza Description

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Don’t forget to say your prayers. Here.. I’ll show you a trick. Now Game take a card. Any card. What’s the matter with everybody! Oh, God. Right. Out! No! I want another drink! I said out! I’m closing up! Games Go on! Get out! Games I’ll report you! Games I’ll tell my father! Games Get on home! Hello! Who are you? Does it matter? No. Games What are you doing here? Games Is that important? Well, no Game I suppose not. It’s just, um Game just that I’ve never seen you here before. Oh Game Games You’re very pretty. Games So they tell me. And who tells you? Men, I suppose. I suppose you’ve, eh Game been with lots of men, eh? And you have been with lots of girls. Of course. Games Do you want to come with me? Games Where? Anywhere. There’s an empty house just around the corner. No. Games We could go there. Games No. Where, then? I don’t know. Well, alright then. Alright. Hey Game You know Game I used to know the girl who lived here. What was she like? She was ugly. All twisted. Like this. You know, I don’t believe you’re real. I am real. Prove it. I shall Game in a minute. Games Hey, where are you going? Games To change. You know, I don’t believe you are real. I think you’re a “mirage”. A mirage. An oasis in the middle of my desert’s life. Can you help me off with my boots? I say, can you hear me? Are you there? Where are you hiding? If you’ve been tricking me Game Anton. Anton! Kill, Christina! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Breakfast! Christina, my dear, with fresh rolls. Oh Game I love you. Hertz. When you’ve finished, I’d like your assistance. Christina, my breakfast on a tray, please. I’m going. Are you coming? What’s the point? I shan’t be able to sleep. Might as well stay here. Have another drink to quieten you down. I don’t want another drink. Karl Game who did it? Who killed him? Anton? God knows. Yes. God knows, indeed. You don’t think it was a punishment Game retribution Game for what he did? Games For what we did? Games Shut up. Don’t tell me Game Shut up! I’m going. Good night.

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