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Open-air Music Festival

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    Open-air Music Festival Description

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    Dress Up Games Well, I don’t like it here! Dress Up Games Hey, everybody, calm down. Listen, you lovebirds. Don’t fight right now, OK? We’ll talk this all over over one of F’resnel’s famous pizza salads! Ha Dress Up Games ha! Alright. Uh Dress Up Games huh. What did I tell you? When you said “pizza salad” Dress Up Game Dress Up Game I was kind of sceptical, F’resnel. I thought you were gonna throw pizza slices in a bowl of salad. That’s very much what I did do. Precisely, in fact. That’s why we call it pizza salad. Know what I’m sayin’? You just take a Domino’s pizza, you toss it in a bowl with some salad, also from Domino’s. Well, I think this is a perfect time to bring up some of the weird stuff that’s been going on in the house. Mm Dress Up Games hm. Mm Dress Up Games hm. Namely Marjorie’s ‘smudge’ ceremony. Think it may have awoken something really big. Dress Up Games Thank you! Dress Up Games Not a c Dress Up Game Or ‘someone’ could have hit our gas line while digging in the backyard. Dress Up Games That could also explain it. Dress Up Games Actually Dress Up Game I don’t think that explains it, Vanessa. There is nothing wrong with this house. OK. Old houses settle. That was Dress Up Game way beyond settling! Way beyond settling! I know carpentry. That was not settling, Bob Vila! OK? That was a three Dress Up Games minute Dress Up Games long massive shock wave that would register at or on a Richter scale. You are packing your kimono and we are going to a motel tonight! Dress Up Games Are you Jack Watson? Dress Up Games Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we met here two days ago. Dress Up Games Right here. Dress Up Games Oh. Did we, Mozart? Did we meet two days ago? Don’t be a dick Dress Up Game Renzo Piano, the famous architect. Dress Up Games Your fat wife around? Dress Up Games My wife’s pregnant with twins. Yeah right! Dress Up Games Heard that before. Dress Up Games Where’s she at? In the kitchen eating pizza salad with my sister Dress Up Games in Dress Up Games law and my black friend and neighbour

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