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Office Time 4

Office Time 4


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Office Time 4 Description

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Office Time 4 Dad will tell you. He’ll fetch you this evening. Kiss your sister for me. No, put her on. How’s it going? I just wanted to give you a kiss and say Dad will fetch you. Juliette wants to talk to you. I’m going to get sandwiches for the kids’ picnic tomorrow. Won’t you call her’? I’m resting. Just come down a second. Why? Come down, you’ll see. I’ve come to say I’ll vote for you on Monday. Thank you. That’s seven. Two more and you’ve made it. I just took the whole box of Xanax. All your pills? Yes. Call an ambulance! Quick! The address is number ? Hold on Does my husband know I’m back down here? He’s in the waiting room. I’ll tell him. Thank you. Can I eat something? Yes, are you hungry? Very. I’ll have a meal tray sent in. Carrot soup and cheese on toast tonight. That would be kind. Thank you. I’ll leave the IV another halfhour. See you later. Forgive me. Good evening. You asked for a meal? Yes. I’ll put it here. Thank you. You’re hungry? Yes, I’d like the soup. Thank you. I want to call the kids but there’s no signal. I already did. I told them I’d be a bit late. How about Anne? Did she go home? No, she’s in the waiting room. We’ll see the last three this evening. You feel up to it? Yes. And you? We’ll drive you home first No need. Drop me at Place Kubom. No, at home. I’m not going home. I’ve decided to leave my husband. You’re sure? Yes. I’ve never decided anything for myself before. You can sleep at our place. That would be a big help tonight. Thank you. Hi. Sony to come round so late. It can wait until tomorrow. It’s ok. Yvon told me you’d be coming. He’s willing to lose his bonus but I’m the only breadwinner here. I’d love to help but I can’t make ends meet. Sony, that’s how it is. I’m sorry you’ll lose the bonus if I stay but it was Dumont who You’re right to fight to stay. I should help you. It’ll be a disaster for me if the majority backs you but I hope for your sake they do. Sony. After seven years, it’s tough for me too. Excuse me Maybe we should drive you home. No, it’s tough because we just moved in and wanted

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