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Office Slacking Time

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  • Office Slacking Time

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    Office Slacking Time Not yet. We just need to take a minute, see if we can figure this out. Why? Everybody up! Lay on the floor. Go get her. Which one of you is Bix the Bug? Who, whoa, whoa. I’m Bix. This is my place. Hey, hey, hey. Bix. Bix. Hold on. Hey. What do you want? Come with us. It’s gonna be all right. All right. Let’s talk about this. Okay. Okay. We don’t wanna hurt anybody. We just want something that belongs to us. You guys stay put, stay quiet, keep the cops out of this, we’ll get along just fine. What do you want from me, man? What do you think? The power cell. Power cell? From the goddamn device. That Erector Set piece of junk. You mean the Teslascope? Whatever you wanna call it. I’m living in the real world, not some steampunk fairy tale. In the real world, there are makers and takers. And do you know what separates us? No, but you’re probably gonna tell me. Money. Money’s all gone, we’ll push reset. We’ll have to, to survive as a species. Economic collapse, that’s your plan? That was the plan. Start all over, wipe it clean. Then your pal, Curtis Garret, got all Energizer Bunny on us and ran off with our Duracell. Solid oxide fuel cell technology, stateoftheart. We want it back. Ask Curtis. I’m asking you. Why can’t you ask Curtis? Aah! Curtis told us it was in the device. I sent him up here to get it, he came back emptyhanded. Said you must’ve taken it. Well, I didn’t. So where is Curtis? Let me talk to him. We’ll figure this out. What did you do to him? This is what happens when you with They. Things go wrong. He’s dead. Now it’s your turn, unless you come clean. One more time, where is the ing power cell? I don’t know, okay? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I don’t have it. I’m just a musician. I’m an audio engineer. I manipulate the sounds. Curtis built the scope. What the is going on out there? We got a shitload of people showing up. Go. What the ? What is going on out there? We had a show set for today. It’s just a bunch of kids. They’re just They’re looking for a party. We’re out of here. But we will be back for what’s ours.

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