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Office Fashion


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Office Fashion Is that Randy right there? Who’s this? Sorry about that, honey, okay? Sorry about what? What you were just saying. Oh, thank you. I apologize. Is that what’shisface? Dick Shapiro? Yeah. Is that Randy? We got plenty of time to be there. We’re awfully glad to see you here. Okay, I must apologize for the quality of the tape, but this was a siren song that I had imagination about the young woman who sang it for years and years. Only to find out she was about . What’s wrong with that? That’s young, young! That’s right, a young . game when you’re . It was an education for me. Bye! Our urn dissolves in water in five minutes. Wow! Can we do it here? Yeah, of course. We have a big bathtub. Of course, of course! I want to do it for you. I know that you are, like, an authority in this green burial stuff, and if we want to do business in the United States, we have to be certified by the pioneer. Thank you for receive you in your home. You’re welcome. Cheers. The government in Spain asks for a lot of things. “Tell me that it will not damage the subsoil, tell me this, tell me that.” No one requires that. In the United States, anyone can call anything “green,” and you have entities like the Green Burial Council held together, again, by a lot of bubble gum and Popsicle sticks doing the work of what governments are doing in other parts of the world, and it’s crazy. It’s heading to somewhere. I have been in the funeral industry years, and they don’t want to go to this creepy and fishy cemetery with, maybe, like, a Halloween style. I can tell the people is getting a little bit more conscious. We moved out here because we wanted to be close to the burial ground game it’s really close. Honey, I just wanted to tell you not to be freaked out. There’s a degrading urn in the bathtub. We did a, sort of, a test today. It’s natural, percent biodegradable. Okay. I’m not gonna be worried about an urn. This preserve itself is over , acres, and it’s only a fiveacre cemetery. And the whole idea is, with the money, you protect the whole thing.

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