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Night Makeup

Night Makeup


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Night Makeup Description

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The ball sack is life. The ball sack is life. Come on, let’s go! Come on! Yo, it’s Fountain Friday? Oh, yeah. Game It’s Fountain Friday? Game Yes. Are you guys in? By my count, it’s Fountain Friday, so get in that water, all you crazy kids, and don’t forget your sunscreen. Now to play some music for all you revelers is our guest DJ Con Fab. That’s Con for Conrad and Fab for “fabulous. ” Take it away, pilgrim. Um, this is for all you reluctant Middletonians who are thinking about not getting in that fountain today. Do yourselves a favor, get in the water now. You might be thinking it’s too uncool or stupid, but you’ll never know how you really feel about it until you jump in. Go ahead. Give it a chance. And, hey, you just might like it. This is usually where we play a song. I’ve got a little over six million. Help yourself. Um Games Not bad, kid. Not bad. Not bad at all. That’s my son. That’s Conrad. Would you rather be more than the things that you say Just be the words that you sing to yourself in your head When nobody’s around? Or would you rather be a part of the crowd Or just a single sound Waiting to be heard? Do you know what I mean? Well, you could be one of the lovers or liars Hiding all the things they do on the back of their hands Well, it’s just you and me ‘Cause everybody’s got a little wrong In all the right places Just depends on where you are Games Come on. You were so right. About what? About everything. Hey. Hey. I just wanted to say I’m sorry about what happened today. Yeah, me, too. I was wrong about this place. I think I could go here. Well, you couldn’t pay me to go here. Bad day, huh? Catastrophic. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s not your fault. I like you better without the leash. Not yet. I Games I don’t think we can Games Yeah. No. I thought you fixed hearts. It ends badly, doesn’t it? What do you mean? The French movie Games it ends badly. That’s what makes it so special. Well, this can’t be good. Hey, what happened to you? I mean, where have you been?

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