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    in Iowa, feed their dreams. Convince them. Their lives can transcend the pointless slog of being human. Give them hope, open their eyes to something games bigger. Sink your teeth into their poor pathetic lives. And give them life. And better abs. Our goal for this month is games one million dollars in sales. It’s aggressive, yes, but I’m confident we can hit it. And if we don’t, Ted and I have already agreed games we’ll be forced to kill all of you. So you better do what he says. So, come on, let’s get out there and get selling. What the hell, Ted? Now, hold on a minute. No one ever promised you that job. Oh, yeah, I-I know, but Max Phillips? He’s got an MBA. He’s got a great track record. He comes highly recommended. He has some very interesting ideas for new hires. Honestly, we’re lucky to have him. How did you games Of all games Now, this isn’t gonna be a problem, now, is it? You working for Max? No. No! Of course not, I just games I would have liked a legitimate crack at the job before you brought in someone else. Look. I like you, Evan. I really do. I mean, you show up for work on time. You work hard. You legitimately give a shit. Thank you. I do! It’s like I used to tell the bench players back when I coached football, “The most important people in the team “are the ones who make the starters try. ” Now, you get out there. There you go. Thank you, Jerry. Those are the employee files I requested? Oh, yes, I think so. It might be helpful if you were a little more specific about exactly what it is you’re looking for. Listen, Amanda, I know you and Evan have a history, and I know that you care about him. Uh games I’m the head of HR. So, it’s highly inappropriate for me to discuss this games Sure, sure, sure. I’ll tell you what. After I settle in, you and I can schedule some one-on-one and get to know each other. Yeah, that sounds nice. Hey, buddy. Um games Just a little HR talk. Thanks, Mandy. We’ll circle games Hey, that’s my games Where are you taking Fuzz Aldrin? Fuzz Aldrin, the janitor has games Why? Long time no see.

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