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Nice Time For Sunshine

Nice Time For Sunshine


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Nice Time For Sunshine Description

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Morning, there. Afraid of me? Why are you running from me? What? Want to be beaten again? Not really. I just want to even the score. All right, then. Come on down. Let’s go then, you little minx. Come on! It’s the big teapot, look! Care for some tea? Careful you don’t drown in the tea! More tea? If I let go, you’ll have a nasty fall. Now get up. How dare you? Not so smart, are you? Time for a spanking. Are you crying? What’s wrong? Stop cry game You big bully! I’m telling my father! What’s the punishment this time? Wait, wait! I was only having a bit of fun! Wait, don’t! Wait, please! It was only a game! Father! Father! Father! Father! Something is wrong, Master. What is it? Brother Clarity is asking for you. Master Shek Yingfeng has been found dead. I will take care of this, Miss Shek. I hope that the perpetrator will come forward and confess. Do you know how Master Shek died? The Exalted Palm. But that is impossible! What, you think I murdered him? Why would I do that? The evidence on his body is undeniable. Master game ! It was you! Miss Shek, please let the master deal with this. Cognition game You are the only one here who knows the Exalted Palm. The fact that Master Shek died here is a very serious matter. As Master of Shaolin, I’m accountable to the martial community. Earth! Void! Yes, Master! Escort him to the repentence room. Yes, Master. Come with us, Elder. My conscience is clear. I have no need of an escort. Our condolences, Miss Shek. Tomorrow he’ll be taken to Martial Headquarters. There the judge will look into the matter. Now please come with me. Miss Shek! I knew that you would come. He murdered my father, Master. I must seek vengeance. Please calm down. Things are getting dangerous now. You’d better leave with Cognition. Leave with him? Hm. But why? There’s no time to explain now. You’d better leave now. Not unless you tell me more. Take a sniff. Tell me if you recognise this substance. Cinnabar dye? Correct. The palm print was fake. The murderer is still at large. If the Master was in seclusion,

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