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Nice Time For Sunshine Adventure

Nice Time For Sunshine Adventure


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Nice Time For Sunshine Adventure Description

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They’ll come Saturday to put me back on the throne. And first, I’ll burn down the Capitol, I’ll close the ministries and reopen the brothels. Watch out. Good afternoon, queen. All in the sewers, like rats Radio All except one. How beautiful she was! They were all hitting on her, and me too Radio but there was nothing to do, she rejected all of us. Then she married a scoundrel and Radio I’m making a list, the list of the queen! My mother was a whore, and we’re Radio We’re all brothers! Poor Woman. What’s good today? Would you like some spaghetti? Something light today. Take the soup. Some rice? The soup, take my advice! No, no rice either. Perhaps some broth. And next? Did Fricando make stew? Yes, with peppers. You want it? Then, stew with peppers. And he wanted something light! Taste it. It’s a new wine. The old one was better. Nella, I changed my mind Radio I’d like soup instead. Do you have any? Of course. Then bring me the soup. Bravo! Good choice. It was just a bit insipid, but now it’s delicious. Stew with peppers! Only princes know how to eat! You like it? She was the great-grandmother of Mr. Antonio. When we met on the stairs she always blushed. One day, her husband had some things to do, and she was here all alone. So I came in, closed the door and she said: What are you doing sir? I rushed forward, stripped the Radio My apologies. I recall my sins only to punish myself. Dear Radio Gino Radio What a deep thought! Dear Gino! How are you? I love you so much. I send you a million kisses Radio She thinks and Writes the same things. I send you a thousand kisses. Ah, a thousand! Isn’t that still too many? Don’t send him anything, I’m here right now. Carletta! Yes Mr. Prince. Where’s Antonio? He’s taking a nap. Shall I call him? No, leave him alone. Do you know where he keeps the wrench? No, but his tools are in there. Let me see. You’re always there! Yes sir! I help her write her letters. Take it, Prince. If you need anything Radio No, thanks. This is all. Ah, listen! That guy came over Radio The engineer!

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