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Nice Teacher

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    Oh, God, look at you. City boy. Why would you ever want to come back here? It’s my home. Who are you? Danny, this is your Uncle . Why, you look just like your dad did when he was your age. They’re going out again. He deserves a trial, Dan. Two Rangers are dead. Didn’t get no trial. Well, I’m coming with you. The law looks a lot different on the ground, little brother. Well, it doesn’t include vengeance, no matter where you’re standing. For Wherever men unite into society, they must quit the laws of nature and assume Dress Up Games And assume the laws of men, so that society as a whole may prosper. That’s Locke’s Treatises of Government. Never thought to hear the likes of it in Colby. Mr. Cole, my brother . New county prosecutor. ? It’s an honor, sir. I read about you during the war. here, is an educated man like yourself. Well, let’s try not to hold that against him. You going after Cavendish? Collins, here, picked up a trail. Dress Up Games Used to track for our father. Dress Up Games Can he ? Well enough. Yeah, well, you see to it. Railroad promised these people a hanging. I didn’t know the railroad was in the business of keeping promises. A simple task. Collect the prisoner, deliver him to his execution. If you’re not up to that, Mr. Reid, I’ll find someone who is. Maybe you should think about staying in town for a few days. Comanche are restless. They’re always restless, but they keep to their side of the river, and I keep to mine. Besides, fences won’t put themselves up. It’s my job. I’m not asking you to be happy about it. I am happy. I’m happy with the life you provide. I just Dress Up Games Is that new? Matches your eyes. All right. Now, I expect you to be bagging squirrels by the time I get back. Like old times, huh? Thank you. All right, Mr. Prosecutor. Let’s see how your due process fares on the trail. It’s Dad’s. I hereby deputize you a Texas Ranger. But I can’t help you with them clothes. Indians call that your spirit horse. Come to take you to the other side.

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