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Nice Strawberry Show

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    find it really hard to call that. But you’ve both got amazing voices. All right. Thank you, George. I’m quite in agreement with George, in the sense that I’m a pacifist and I don’t really like it being a battle. I feel like nurturing each other is always the best way to go. In the future, like, when you sing with people, I would definitely think about what you can do to help one another, cos it’s a metaphor for life. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Thank you, Paloma. If the girls were on your team, and you had to pick one of them to go through, who would you pick to go through tonight? Ooh game They’re both exceptional singers and could sing me under the table and back again, but, erm game what I lack in talent, I make up for in banter. LAUGHTER But, er game . ..I think I’d probably game keep Irene. Irene. APPLAUSE OK. Thank you, Paloma. Ricky, do you feel the need to wave your lighter in the air for that performance? I loved it. And I quite game I love the fact it was a battle. I thought neither of you were going to let that one slip through your fingers. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING And game And sometimes, you need a bit of competition, because it’s like, “If you’re going to bring that, I’m going to bring this, “I’m going to bring that.” Absolutely. Who would you put through? If I had to keep someone, I would keep Lydia. Lydia. OK. APPLAUSE Thank you, Ricky. Will? Irene, Lydia brought something out of you today that we didn’t see in the Blinds. And you were like Super Irene today. And, Lydia, you was like game You had this, like game You were battling Method Man, or freakin’ Kanye and Jay-Z up on the mic. LAUGHTER But out came Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey all together. So I thought that was really freakin’ fresh. Yeah. APPLAUSE Cool, thank you, Will. A star was born today. And it took a collision pshh! to bring about that star. But, that being said, there are game Somebody has to be stolen, because we’ve got some golden gems right there on stage. Please, somebody steal. And the winner of today’s

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