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Nice Spring Holidays

Nice Spring Holidays


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Nice Spring Holidays Description

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rather than a photographer. I And cut! I am, thirty years later. Finally, I joined my father in one of his missions. A Wrangel, a desert island in the Arctic Ocean. Sebastião hoped to photograph the last great gathering of walruses. I wanted to find out who the man was, the man he had only known as father. I wanted to find the photographer, adventurer, for the first time. Cursed Bear! We had the bear. Incredible! It has made everyone from getting into the water. What are you thinking? What are you thinking, Father? I’m thinking, you know, doing this will be difficult. I do not know if it’s okay. It is different when the bear is close, we can take a picture with him closely. But with a scenario that is not good. We have a document of the bear, but we do not have a photo. This is not right. There’s nothing behind. Nothing to frame the photo, to beautify the landscape. Not have stock, we have nothing. Awesome! The image I had in the end, are the teeth out, They could not discern the shapes of heads, stunning. Like we were in Dante’s Inferno, with all those teeth, all these forms game Incredible! Father, talk to me a little of your ? In , Lélia was pregnant, expecting her second child. It would be child already knew. And when Rodrigo was born, everything was going to be Down syndrome. It was nice, torn eyes, and I had the impression that it was completely normal. And also Lélia. The doctor did many tests. Three weeks await your response. The day I called the doctor I felt such a strong tension, when I saw the answer, I cried. He could not stop mourn. My little brother would never be able to go to school, or read and write like me. Rodrigo would be isolated in a world that we were never going to be able to share. It was very difficult for my parents. But then something happened. Thanks to love, Rodrigo created his own language. Slowly, as a family, we learned to decipher their emotional alphabet and communicate without words. Poce later, my mother, my brother and I took a plane to Brazil. The military dictatorship had fallen.

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