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Nice Spring Holidays Time

Nice Spring Holidays Time


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Nice Spring Holidays Time Description

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Thanks. baby wails in background Look, just… just leave him. He’ll stop crying. You go to him, you’ll only encourage him. baby screams Hey, that TV keeping you up, baby? loud crying Come here, come on. Yes. Kate sings…”Hush little baby Don’t say a word. Momma’s going to buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don’t sing, Momma’s going to buy you a diamond ring. If that diamond ring don’t shine…” Kate hums softly sound of car engine Ellie Why are all those boxes in front? Kate I’m not sure, hon. Your dad said he was having some work done. Man # These ones as well. Man # Yeah. Stephanie Hi. You must be Kate. Hi. Mike told me you’d be around. I’m Stephanie Saunders, Mike’s interior designer. But the house was just redone. Ann just decorated the whole thing. It looked wonderful. She had quite an eye. Yeah, so why is he…? Mike didn’t say. I can guess…you walk in the house and you’re reminded of her everywhere you turn. After a tragedy a lot of people simply move. It seems like such a waste. Stephanie Some of the furniture is going to Goodwill. Kate Uh…you know, I have space in my basement. Ann worked hard in the church rummage sale, maybe… maybe we could store it at my house. Right on top of that box would be good. clink of cutlery on plates I’ve got work to do. We are going to have some time for ourselves this weekend, right? Or is that too much to ask? Hello? Mike. Guess who it is. Daddy. Someone here insists on speaking with you. Just a sec. Hello. Hi, daddy. I’m sorry the death of our friend has inconvenienced your life. I’d appreciate it, though, if at least you tried to mask your feelings around Ellie. This is hard enough for her. I’d like her to feel she’s welcome. I’m telling you, Kate. You’re getting too attached to these kids. It’s going to really tear you up when they’re gone. There’s a couple of clothing stores right here, so I go through it pretty good before we compress. It was wrapped up, taped up tight in that wrapping paper. Looks like bloodstains. I seen it on TV.

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