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Nice Fashion Day

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  • Nice Fashion Day

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    Don’t cry. Why are you crying? Don’t tease me. Min Seok is holding back his tears. I can see the tears in his eyes. I will get you some tissues. Stay there. As she becomes emotional, she can’t stop crying. It’s toilet paper. I was in a hurry. I am sorry I couldn’t get tissues. I tried not to cry. But I became emotional. He made good memories for me, and had such a good influence on me. I am very grateful to him for that. I wish I had been nicer to him while we were together. I wish I could’ve shown him more affection game while I still had the chance. We have only two minutes left. Really? My goodness. Until our virtual marriage ends. Oh, no. It’s so sad. Gosh, I feel very game They seem to be overwhelmed. His eyes look so sad. It feels really weird. Min Seok hands out his hand first. You made me very happy. You made me happy, too. They must be so sad. Even though our virtual marriage is going to end, we could keep in touch game and help each other out. Yes. Let’s not think this is the end. I hope they will go out. The alarm started beeping. That sound breaks my heart. February th, . It’s pm, and game the Oh-Ye couple’s game virtual marriage is now game terminated. Oh, no. The last moment came so fast. Ye Won, it’s nice to meet you. I was just kidding. My gosh. I am afraid we might become strangers. She forces herself to laugh at his joke, but game We should say goodbye to the viewers. No, I don’t want to. Why now? Don’t cry. We promised not to cry. I don’t want to cry. Please don’t cry. I hate this atmosphere. I think I will cry if you keep crying. Let’s meet next week. Although we won’t be on We Got Married any more, how about we meet next week and film our own show? How about we meet next and film our own show? We could use this camera. Without the staff. He means it. She stops crying, thanks to Min Seok. Let’s take a picture. Let’s smile, Ye Won. The Oh-Ye couple. They look great together. He became a very special person to me. Even though I wasn’t his real wife, he never complained to me, and he always game

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