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New models of clothes

New models of clothes


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New models of clothes Description

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New models of clothes You seen Dad? You talk to him? No, no. You know, not Game Not since the funeral, no. I want to take Mom’s ashes. I want to take her to the lake. She would have wanted it that way. Yeah. I think Game yeah. I think she’d Game Hey. She wanted that. Yeah, she did. But, you know, I also Game kind of wanted to spread her ashes around here ’cause I want Wolf to know that she was around. I just think so. I just want to take some. Okay. Okay? Yeah. We’re just gonna share, okay? Yeah, we’ll share. I’m not sorry for what I did. Not at all. I’m sorry for what I’ve lost. Cash, I sold the house. I sold the house first thing this morning. Wow, that’s Game I mean, it wasn’t our asking price, but it’s not bad considering the market. Cash? Yeah, yeah, I’m here. So where are you? Um, I’m with a friend. So Game so that’s it, then. I guess we’re done. Take care of yourself, Cash. I mean that. Yeah. You, too. So lay low Baby I won’t be back any time soon If it gets too lonely I will follow you around in this tune Game No, that’s we. We. I don’t know what to do What I’d do if I knew We go through our day And get by and get through But my heart is with you You probably knew Your love is like glue So lay low Baby I won’t be back any time soon. Fuck, I’ve missed you, man. God damn it. Wasn’t sure I was gonna see you again. You know something, Wolf? I’d have done the same fucking thing you did. I just wanted you to know that. You’re a good man. I love you. All right, you ready? Come on, man, I’ll take you up to the lake. What’s wrong, baby? Irish. Welcome home. Who the fuck are you? Agent Williams, FBI. Sweetie, can you take Wolf upstairs, please? Wolf? Touching. After your brother the murderer? One Robert J. Wolf. Where is he? Listen here, you son of a bitch. I know my rights. So unless you got a goddamn warrant, you get the fuck off my property. A goddamn warrant. You know, I don’t like this any more than you. But we’re here because your brother brought us here to your house and your son. You know, you’re a very lucky man, Irish. Now, tell me where he is

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