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New Hairstyles

New Hairstyles


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New Hairstyles I’m running on fumes right now. I’ve got a lot on my mind. Do you mean the astronauts up at the Station? Yeah. They’re gonna rescue them, right? Well, they said that when debris ripped through the station, it hit an ammonia pump. Now the oxygen generators and the carbon dioxide removal system aren’t working, and the only way to turn them on is from the outside. Their life support is completely shut down? Do they have reserves? How much air do they have left? Certainly not the seven hours they need. What you’re saying is the cosmonauts won’t survive until the rescue ship arrives? I did the numbers. They’ll arrive about half an hour after the guys run out of breathable air. You mean Game That’s exactly what I mean. What are we gonna do about it? I have an idea, but I don’t think they’d believe a kid. Hey, whatever happened to, “Let’s win this”? Who’s stepping up now? Come on. We’ve got astronauts to save. Let’s get moving. Let’s go. car horn honks LACEY Never mind! Sorry! Let me call you right back. Guys, you’re not supposed to be here. Get back to the habitat. Captain Manley, Jimmy has something to tell you. Look, I don’t have time for this, and, Lacey, you are not supposed to be here. Jimmy, you have to tell him. I know how we can save the astronauts. Jimmy, the Soyuz will fix the problem in seven hours. Except the astronauts will already be dead. Sighs You’ve got five minutes. So the Marshall Space Center up the road has the most advanced mockup of the Space Station ever constructed. We can save the astronauts in time by using remote technology. We have everything we need right here. We can connect to and control robotic avatars aboard the International Space Station and make the repairs using specially designed motioncontrol suits already designed by NASA scientists. Rusty. Thank you. You’re welcome. If we can convince the astronauts to enter a state of deep sleep, allowing them to lower their body temperatures and therefore use less oxygen, this will give them the extra time they need to survive.

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