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New Hairstyles Adventure

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  • New Hairstyles Adventure

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    New Hairstyles Adventure Description

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    So, you could buy a new violin. And you get a full scholarship to the Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts! Which will qualify you for a student visa. I don’t need a handout from any conservatory. What’s wrong with conservatories? Oh, nothing if you’re a spoiled rich kid willing to conform to the rules and politics of an elitist school promoting success over arts. I see. And you’re above all that, down in the subway where you’re really nurturing your art. I play what I want, when I want. I don’t get you. You’ve been given a gift. But you play with so much anger. I’m surprised anyone is brave enough to listen to you. I’m not playing for them. Who are you playing for? Yourself? You know, music is like dance. It’s a link to the soul. It can make people laugh and it can make people cry. It Games It can inspire! With a power like that Games why wouldn’t you want to share it with the world? I guess I’m not like you, then. [exhales] [exhales] Ruby! [cellphone ringing] [tearfully] Hi, Jazzy. Hey, RUDY- A bunch of us are at the pub. Come meet us! Hey! What’s up, man? You doin’ all right, man? Yeah. Really? You sure don’t look too good to me, man. Yeah, we haven’t heard you playing your violin. It got stolen. Now that’s going to put a dent in your pocket. Don’t worry, bro man. We got your back. You can work with us. Thanks, guys, but Games I can’t dance like you. Ah, who said anything about dancing? All right, so, I’m up on stage, we’re doing that Games We’re doing all this Games Hey, watch it, man. What the hell? I’m so sorry! Come on. It was not his fault! He should look where he’s going. [Jazzy] You are such a snob. Ruby! Hey. How was your mystery man? Disappointing. Oh! Come on. Come on. We’re eating fried food. Should make you feel better. Hey. Hi. Take a seat. [Irish music playing] [Jazzy] Whoo! Yeah! This sounds pretty good. Yeah, he’s okay. I bet you could smoke him. Absolutely. I’m playing at a fundraiser tomorrow night. Why don’t you come see for yourself? All right. Sounds fun. Hey. Hey. Do you mind? [Jazzy]

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