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New Fashion Season

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  • New Fashion Season

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    New Fashion Season Description

    Give me a cigarette. New Fashion Season Here. New Fashion Season Thanks. Not at all. I’m not at work now. That’s true. One kiss. What? Stop! What does it mean? You’re tickling me! I’m the daughter of Chiang Mai I’ll be a woman soon The men of Lamphun Are always following me, courting me Who should I choose? Khawmaloon from Chiang Rai? Pong from Phrae, with crooked teeth? Khum, Moon, Som, Or Mee? They’ll wait for years to marry me Dress Up Games Water of the Burning Sun It’s not your cheap wine, don’t gulp it like that! This water is precious! What about it? I ordered it. I’ll be getting it every month now. It’s not ordinary water, be grateful. It’s good for your health. You ordered Dress Up Games water? By the way, don’t plan anything for the weekend. Why? One of my clients invited us. Do you know Storia? They’re having a party there. Let’s go together. We can dress up. No New Fashion Season Dress Up Games A man has to accompany his woman to a dinner out. Let’s go, we didn’t even have a party for our marriage, it’s rare to get an opportunity to go there.New Fashion Season Please come with me! There’ll be a sommelier and a good free meal. I’ll wear a dress and you’ll wear a tuxedo. I’ll never put it on. Let’s go! I have a costume. I’ve only put it on once. The violet one? No one wears doublebreasted jackets anymore! Well ok. You used to come to the cabaret where I worked dressed like that. Wait a second. What is it? Ouch. I have stomachache. Really? Water of the Burning Sun We laid the foundation of this place. Cool, isn’t it? Indeed. Storia was designed by a worldrenowned architect Ennio Manzino. It represents the union between a man and a woman, as well as the art of cuisine. It tells a story via its architecture. And a Story, with a capital S. Tonight Dress Up Games Keiko. Please meet Mr. Kasai, the head of Kasai Real Estate. Nice to meet you. Hello. Do you have a business card? Of course. Kasai, nice to meet you. New Fashion Season The pleasure is all mine. Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? I’d like you to remember the face of the man I’m going to introduce.

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